I’m a sucker for Target…and their Missoni line…shame on me…

Yeah, it’s been awhile since I’ve written.  Shame on me for that, and even more shame on me for going on a horrific internet shopping binge and turning to Ebay out of desperation to score some of the new Missoni for Target items that were most likely marked up…I’m trying not to think about the minor damage I did…but I will look quite fashionable this fall and winter at least…well I hope…I hope the stuff fits.

The line sold out so quickly that the website CRASHED…and it actually made CNN news.  My sister, being a brilliant entrepeneur, managed to grab some stuff and sell it on Ebay.  I wish I had been as smart to do the same thing.  Instead, I gave into the shopping bug that bit me hardcore and got in a few bidding wars online.

I’m a sucker.

Anyways…sorry for the horribly bland blog and the lack of postage from me lately.  I’ll change things up again soon…need to shake things up a bit.


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