Keyboards Becoming Obsolete?!?

Blogging at a new level.. Voice recognition software.

I am not typing this blog, however I am speaking this blog directly into my iPad.
All I have to do is push a button and talk. It’s that easy. I downloaded an App called Dragon Dictation, FREE online.
NOTE: I have gone back to edit/correct a few minor snaffu’s…and to add some pics…but all in all…not bad…

So far I have mixed feelings about this application. Several times I have to go back and spell check because it words come up the wrong way.

I feel somewhat guilty using this. It’s as if I am now too lazy to type anything. This could be great. I can easily finish my manuscript by simply speaking into my iPad.
I can e-mail my friends, update my Facebook status, and Twitter status, by simply speaking into a microphone. NO typing whatsoever. It’s very easy, however there are still a few glitches that I am trying to figure out.
Are keyboards becoming completely obsolete? I could very easily see myself falling into this category where I no longer type I just talk into my iPad. I think I may like this idea. Maybe a little too much.

Now watch what happens when I say bad words:

sh*t f*ck p*ss assh*le. WOW!

I think it’s sweet that a computer actually can recognize bad words. It’s as if these little computers have morals…To a certain extent.

You can download Dragon Dictation for FREE on your smart phone or iPad.

For your laptop…it’s gonna cost you: 

Again, I’m still working out the glitches. But this is something I could get used to very easily. But remember, it takes a little practice and some editing. Definitely worth a try.

Until next time….

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