Summer’s Over :( The Magical World of David Copperfield, and Las Vegas!

Well summer is officially over.  I no longer feel comfortable wearing my sundresses from H&M, now I need a sweater at night.  Maybe I’m just excited about Fall fashion…who knows.

The highlight of my summer was going to Vegas with my man, and meeting up with my little sister there, and constantly debating on whether or not we wanted to buy tickets to see David Copperfield.  The tickets were kind of expensive, but we kept talking about it so obsessively-at first as a joke, then realizing that we wouldn’t feel complete unless we saw the show.

Our seats were decent, however, sadly we were not in the area that David picked most of his assistants from.  They were all closer to the stage and all of course hyper attractive wearing tight clothing and all were from exotic places.

The show was pretty good…but the highlight of it, and what made the show totally AWESOME…was that we ended up winning a Twitter contest that allowed us to MEET David himself after the show for a photo opp.

Now of course at this point, NO ONE believed that this was a real photo because my sister and I went on and on joking about how much we wanted to see the show.  I assure you all…it IS a real photo…and David even sent me a tweet!

WOW!  Simply Magical!

On another note…some of you know I’m making my way towards the West Coast soon…keep you posted on that.

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