This is NOT a mean blog about Netflix…actually it’s a helpful one to all of the scorned users out there!

Wanna get rid of your Netflix account because you’re pissed off at Reed Hastings?  Well…I kind of did too….but you know what…sometimes it’s easier to just stick with something-like a bad relationship, etc…than to change things up…because change is hard people.

The other day as I logged into Netflix to watch Breaking Bad-probably the SMARTEST move they made by adding that awesome show onto their site due to the massive amounts of hate mail they were receiving.  I realized that someone else had been watching movies on my account!

And not just any movies…but odd movies, comedy specials, a variety of different things popped up that seemed so odd…but then again, I decided to watch them too, so it was kind of like a mystery referer.  Kind of like a fun secret friend to help me pick movies!

Ummm….Netflix…are you doing ANYTHING about this little glitch, I mean, surely you are since you raised the prices?  Doesn’t that mean you should raise your security levels as well.

Would anyone like to have access to my Netflix account?  For a mere $20, I will give you my password and username and you can use it for the whole YEAR!…that’s right…think about that deal.

Think about that Netflix…what are you doing with that huge price jump you just made.

Message me!  My offer for a $20 pirate Netflix membership stands.  DVD option not available…streaming only.

Note…to any Netflix people who read this…I have an odd sense of humor…I doubt that anyone will take me up on my offer…but come on guys…get on it.  You revolutionized a niche for yourselves in the DVD by mail and streaming market…you’re just being kind of A**holes now.


Big News For Red Mango Fans in NYC…and EVERYWHERE!

I don’t know if this is a secret, but since it was happening during business hours I guess it’s not…but the Red Mango on 14th street is now going to turn into a SELF-SERVE Red Mango!  Woo hoo!  Then again…this has it’s pro’s and con’s.  The main con being for ME…is that the last time I went to Red Mango and self-serviced my bill was $20.00 for ONE VERY LARGE yogurt that I consumed all by myself…it was delicious.  Look at this smooth operation that happened the other day on 14th.

They are making way for all of the self-serve stations!  I cannot wait to see when this will be completed…but until then…Pumpkin Spice is BACK!

I wish this flavor was around all year…but if it were…it simply wouldn’t be as magical or tasty as it is.

Don’t Worry Reed Hastings…This isn’t a nasty post…

Well if you’re a Netflix customer like I am.  You probably received the emotional mass email that everyone got in the wee hours of the morning from Reed Hastings…more on that here.

Reed, I’m not taking what you’re doing personally.  I know you’re a business man, and we all can get a little cash hungry from time to time…hey…I mean…look who’s blogging…so I don’t hate you for what you did to Netflix.  I do, however, think that you need to be aware of this Twitter account that carries your new business’ name, Qwikster.


I’m a sucker for Target…and their Missoni line…shame on me…

Yeah, it’s been awhile since I’ve written.  Shame on me for that, and even more shame on me for going on a horrific internet shopping binge and turning to Ebay out of desperation to score some of the new Missoni for Target items that were most likely marked up…I’m trying not to think about the minor damage I did…but I will look quite fashionable this fall and winter at least…well I hope…I hope the stuff fits.

The line sold out so quickly that the website CRASHED…and it actually made CNN news.  My sister, being a brilliant entrepeneur, managed to grab some stuff and sell it on Ebay.  I wish I had been as smart to do the same thing.  Instead, I gave into the shopping bug that bit me hardcore and got in a few bidding wars online.

I’m a sucker.

Anyways…sorry for the horribly bland blog and the lack of postage from me lately.  I’ll change things up again soon…need to shake things up a bit.


Keyboards Becoming Obsolete?!?

Blogging at a new level.. Voice recognition software.

I am not typing this blog, however I am speaking this blog directly into my iPad.
All I have to do is push a button and talk. It’s that easy. I downloaded an App called Dragon Dictation, FREE online.
NOTE: I have gone back to edit/correct a few minor snaffu’s…and to add some pics…but all in all…not bad…

So far I have mixed feelings about this application. Several times I have to go back and spell check because it words come up the wrong way.

I feel somewhat guilty using this. It’s as if I am now too lazy to type anything. This could be great. I can easily finish my manuscript by simply speaking into my iPad.
I can e-mail my friends, update my Facebook status, and Twitter status, by simply speaking into a microphone. NO typing whatsoever. It’s very easy, however there are still a few glitches that I am trying to figure out.
Are keyboards becoming completely obsolete? I could very easily see myself falling into this category where I no longer type I just talk into my iPad. I think I may like this idea. Maybe a little too much.

Now watch what happens when I say bad words:

sh*t f*ck p*ss assh*le. WOW!

I think it’s sweet that a computer actually can recognize bad words. It’s as if these little computers have morals…To a certain extent.

You can download Dragon Dictation for FREE on your smart phone or iPad.

For your laptop…it’s gonna cost you: 

Again, I’m still working out the glitches. But this is something I could get used to very easily. But remember, it takes a little practice and some editing. Definitely worth a try.

Until next time….

Summer’s Over :( The Magical World of David Copperfield, and Las Vegas!

Well summer is officially over.  I no longer feel comfortable wearing my sundresses from H&M, now I need a sweater at night.  Maybe I’m just excited about Fall fashion…who knows.

The highlight of my summer was going to Vegas with my man, and meeting up with my little sister there, and constantly debating on whether or not we wanted to buy tickets to see David Copperfield.  The tickets were kind of expensive, but we kept talking about it so obsessively-at first as a joke, then realizing that we wouldn’t feel complete unless we saw the show.

Our seats were decent, however, sadly we were not in the area that David picked most of his assistants from.  They were all closer to the stage and all of course hyper attractive wearing tight clothing and all were from exotic places.

The show was pretty good…but the highlight of it, and what made the show totally AWESOME…was that we ended up winning a Twitter contest that allowed us to MEET David himself after the show for a photo opp.

Now of course at this point, NO ONE believed that this was a real photo because my sister and I went on and on joking about how much we wanted to see the show.  I assure you all…it IS a real photo…and David even sent me a tweet!

WOW!  Simply Magical!

On another note…some of you know I’m making my way towards the West Coast soon…keep you posted on that.