Week in Review, Coffee Bean Tea Leaf in NYC!!! FINALLY-Ira Smedra, Ronnie Mund…and my relapse back into coffee…

Quite the busy week in the world of Randi !

As my beau and I prepare to head to Vegas for a nice and relaxing quiet Labor Day weekend (note the sarcasm)…it’s been a pretty exciting week.

Attention West Coast transplants-the FIRST Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf has officially opened on 39th and Broadway.  You know I was there opening day.  I even went out of my way, paid $15 for a cab to get one of my beloved Ice Blended’s: I recommend the Black Forest with extra chocolate covered espresso beans.

MMM!  Now when I arrived at the Coffee Bean, they had told me they were closed for a private event.  I pleaded my case with, Ira Smedra, one of the masterminds behind this awesome West Coast coffee place-told him how much I adore the Coffee Bean, and he graciously gave me the Ice Blended I wanted.

I didn’t realize that I hadn’t had coffee for over 6 weeks…the Ice Blended immediately sent me into hyper mode, and I apologize for acting like a total moron.

Also a shout out to my awesome friend Ronnie Mund for coming by the club last night.  You Rock!

My birthday is on Friday, fyi, gifts appreciated…just send them to Rick’s.


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