Product Review: Comfy Control Harness For Dogs!

Well if you seen anything on television and want to know if it’s any good or not, just wait a few days, and I’ll probably end up buying it myself and reviewing it here on this site.  So, yeah…I bought this:And contrary to what it says in red…it IS available at stores.  I got mine at Walgreens, or they also have them at Duane Reade.

Look at this little guy wearing what is called the world’s most comfortable harness!

It’s mesh, and has a piece of velcro on the back, that seems to be pretty sturdy…it came with a 5 foot leash, that my dog immediately started to chew through…but it was my fault for leaving it on the floor…but it was kind of flimsy.

Is this TRULY the world’s most comfortable harness for dogs?  I do not know…my dog cannot tell me these things.  He doesn’t like wearing anything, so whatever I try to clothe him in he wiggles around.  I will say that for $9.99 though, it’s a good purchase…just make sure you keep your dog away from the leash and use your own sturdy one.

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