Hurricane Irene…hits NYC?!

Will Irene rage over Manhattan?  Who knows…walking down the street today, to gather the few “emergency” supplies I could, I heard many different takes on the situation.

One woman was laughing it off on the subway, another was carrying some pretty yummy groceries home, I saw a man lugging a CASE of Smirnoff with him down the street, and the most interesting by far, was the family loading up their station wagon complete with a SURFBOARD, as if that one surfboard could hold their entire family of 4.  I hope they have some fun rafts for the kids at least…

I’ve noticed that there seems to be an endless supply of bottled water which is great, but the demand for D batteries and flashlights is so high that they can not be found anywhere.  I did hear a man trying to sell some-4 for $20-I declined, and immediately regretted not stocking up and doing the same thing.

I’ve bought a lot of water.  4 jumbo Sugar Free Red Bulls, 6 peanut butter crunch Cliff Bars, I have some random food in the fridge that will last me a few days…massive amounts of Dream Water and Drank, to sedate me in times of panic…and I am freshly botoxed, so I will look emotionless yet gorgeous in times of distress.

I’m taking this time to catch up on sleep, maybe I’ll lose some weight by rationing off my food…charging all of my electronic devices and laptops…my dog can wear his Body Glove surfer outfit and I can wear my new Ralph Lauren rainboots…some good fashion choices can come out of this…I have no idea what to expect, but I’ll blog again soon…and let’s hope this is as overblown as Y2K was.

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