Product Review: Snuggie for Dogs…EPIC FAIL…

Well I ordered this product off of ebay about 2 weeks ago and became overwhelmed with excitement about putting my little guy in it, taking him for walks and proudly displaying the “Snuggie for Dogs” logo that’s largely plastered on the side of this cheaply made synthetic fabric that came off within MOMENTS after trying to tie him down to put it on.

Here are a few pics of our noble attempts:






Then after he ripped it off…he passed out.

This isn’t fair.  Look at THESE dogs in their Snuggies:

Are they ALL on Benadryl for Children?  Why are they so happy yet lucid looking like stepford children…

Surely medication must be involved in this photo opp.

A Dog Snuggie is equivalent to wearing a hospital gown out for a walk…the back of the Snuggie is barely fastened by velcro, and odds are you’re little pup will rip it right off.

Tomorrow I’m buying him a “lounge robe” from Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

I am greatly disappointed Snuggie….greatly….

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