Why I Like Having a Starbucks Card (no this is not an advertisement)…

I am a slave to Starbucks…go ahead, de-friend me.  Judge me.  Think that I am un-original…it’s okay.  I can deal with it.

A lot of people think that Sbux is a monopoly, and I’d agree that it is, but what they provide is pure convienience to any New Yorker with their awesome open restroom policy (although their bathrooms can be a little scary at times)…and the comfort of knowing that if I need to meet someone at the drop of a hat, there is a Starbucks somewhere, ANYWHERE, that makes that possible.

Name a part of Manhattan and ask me where a Starbucks is, and I can name 2 or 3.  I have the Starbucks map engrained in my brain just like I have the MTA subway map…is that sad or what.

Oh a good note, I have recently purchased and registered a Starbucks Gift Card as a gift to myself.  This is a good deal to fellow Sbux fanatics out there.  If you buy a portable refillable mug, after the purchase of five beverages, you get FREE refills…that’s right…I’m saving $45 a month now on what I’d usually spend on iced tea-(ugh…maybe I should make my own…) In addition to registering your card you get free “upgrades”, like soy added to your drink, and a free tall beverage if you buy a bag of coffee, and a drink on your birthday.

I have passed the month mark of no coffee!  A woman asked me if I miss it at all…and nope, I still don’t…according to Dr. Perricone, in two more weeks I should officially be 10 pounds lighter…keep you posted.

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