Week in Review, Coffee Bean Tea Leaf in NYC!!! FINALLY-Ira Smedra, Ronnie Mund…and my relapse back into coffee…

Quite the busy week in the world of Randi !

As my beau and I prepare to head to Vegas for a nice and relaxing quiet Labor Day weekend (note the sarcasm)…it’s been a pretty exciting week.

Attention West Coast transplants-the FIRST Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf has officially opened on 39th and Broadway.  You know I was there opening day.  I even went out of my way, paid $15 for a cab to get one of my beloved Ice Blended’s: I recommend the Black Forest with extra chocolate covered espresso beans.

MMM!  Now when I arrived at the Coffee Bean, they had told me they were closed for a private event.  I pleaded my case with, Ira Smedra, one of the masterminds behind this awesome West Coast coffee place-told him how much I adore the Coffee Bean, and he graciously gave me the Ice Blended I wanted.

I didn’t realize that I hadn’t had coffee for over 6 weeks…the Ice Blended immediately sent me into hyper mode, and I apologize for acting like a total moron.

Also a shout out to my awesome friend Ronnie Mund for coming by the club last night.  You Rock!

My birthday is on Friday, fyi, gifts appreciated…just send them to Rick’s.


Product Review: Comfy Control Harness For Dogs!

Well if you seen anything on television and want to know if it’s any good or not, just wait a few days, and I’ll probably end up buying it myself and reviewing it here on this site.  So, yeah…I bought this:And contrary to what it says in red…it IS available at stores.  I got mine at Walgreens, or they also have them at Duane Reade.

Look at this little guy wearing what is called the world’s most comfortable harness!

It’s mesh, and has a piece of velcro on the back, that seems to be pretty sturdy…it came with a 5 foot leash, that my dog immediately started to chew through…but it was my fault for leaving it on the floor…but it was kind of flimsy.

Is this TRULY the world’s most comfortable harness for dogs?  I do not know…my dog cannot tell me these things.  He doesn’t like wearing anything, so whatever I try to clothe him in he wiggles around.  I will say that for $9.99 though, it’s a good purchase…just make sure you keep your dog away from the leash and use your own sturdy one.

Riding Out The Storm…Hurricane Irene…

Well…we’re still here, waiting for the storm to officially pass.  We’re lucky that the flooding wasn’t too bad.  All of mass transit is shut down and that’s never happened before, so it will be interesting to see how that will be revived over the next few days.

My connection is kind of spotty so I can’t post pics right now, but more to come later.

Yeah, some people thought the mayor overrreacted about this hurricane thing, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.  I’m glad I had the chance to catch up on some sleep and spend time with my loved ones.  Not to mention all of the yummy snacks my lovely hostess provided us.

There are supposed to be some “crazy winds” coming up later today…so the storm isn’t fully over…but hopefully the worst of it is.

Thanks for checking in on me…and reading my blog…take care everybody! 🙂



Hurricane Irene…hits NYC?!

Will Irene rage over Manhattan?  Who knows…walking down the street today, to gather the few “emergency” supplies I could, I heard many different takes on the situation.

One woman was laughing it off on the subway, another was carrying some pretty yummy groceries home, I saw a man lugging a CASE of Smirnoff with him down the street, and the most interesting by far, was the family loading up their station wagon complete with a SURFBOARD, as if that one surfboard could hold their entire family of 4.  I hope they have some fun rafts for the kids at least…

I’ve noticed that there seems to be an endless supply of bottled water which is great, but the demand for D batteries and flashlights is so high that they can not be found anywhere.  I did hear a man trying to sell some-4 for $20-I declined, and immediately regretted not stocking up and doing the same thing.

I’ve bought a lot of water.  4 jumbo Sugar Free Red Bulls, 6 peanut butter crunch Cliff Bars, I have some random food in the fridge that will last me a few days…massive amounts of Dream Water and Drank, to sedate me in times of panic…and I am freshly botoxed, so I will look emotionless yet gorgeous in times of distress.

I’m taking this time to catch up on sleep, maybe I’ll lose some weight by rationing off my food…charging all of my electronic devices and laptops…my dog can wear his Body Glove surfer outfit and I can wear my new Ralph Lauren rainboots…some good fashion choices can come out of this…I have no idea what to expect, but I’ll blog again soon…and let’s hope this is as overblown as Y2K was.

Product Review: Snuggie for Dogs…EPIC FAIL…

Well I ordered this product off of ebay about 2 weeks ago and became overwhelmed with excitement about putting my little guy in it, taking him for walks and proudly displaying the “Snuggie for Dogs” logo that’s largely plastered on the side of this cheaply made synthetic fabric that came off within MOMENTS after trying to tie him down to put it on.

Here are a few pics of our noble attempts:






Then after he ripped it off…he passed out.

This isn’t fair.  Look at THESE dogs in their Snuggies:

Are they ALL on Benadryl for Children?  Why are they so happy yet lucid looking like stepford children…

Surely medication must be involved in this photo opp.

A Dog Snuggie is equivalent to wearing a hospital gown out for a walk…the back of the Snuggie is barely fastened by velcro, and odds are you’re little pup will rip it right off.

Tomorrow I’m buying him a “lounge robe” from Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

I am greatly disappointed Snuggie….greatly….

Earthquake NYC!

And I thought it was just the neighbors moving furniture and having a loud rave again…more info to come…all is well…for now!

Product Review…Sodastream!!!

Okay…I’ve had my sodastream for less than 24 hours.  It has been an amazing day, let me tell you.

I recommend getting the starter kit…ALONG with a few extra bottles so you can have water ready to go on hand, if you drink seltzer as much as I do.

The device itself takes up very little counter space.  It does not require batteries or an outlet.  It comes with an intimidating carbon dioxide canister that needs to be replaced based on how often you use it…I have a feeling I’ll need to replace it sooner than later because that’s how much a drink sparkling water.  For best results, the water needs to be very cold.  You can add flavors which come with the starter kit, but I prefer my water to be plain.

Okay…so that’s my review for the day…that’s all I’ve got…more later perhaps.


Random Refreshing Summer Stuff I Like…

Yeah, I’m bored and procrastinating a book proposal that I’m nearly finished with…but once I’m finished with that, I’ll be bored once again.

I LOVE this stuff:

San Pellegrino Limonata-Aranciata just tastes like a boozeless watered down Mimosa to me.  Damn this stuff is refreshing.

I just found out I’m going to Las Vegas for my birthday in a few weeks. F’Yeah!

Cases of San Pellegrino Limonata, Drank, Sugar Free Red Bull, and Dream Water would be greatly appreciated…

Love to all.

Why I Like Having a Starbucks Card (no this is not an advertisement)…

I am a slave to Starbucks…go ahead, de-friend me.  Judge me.  Think that I am un-original…it’s okay.  I can deal with it.

A lot of people think that Sbux is a monopoly, and I’d agree that it is, but what they provide is pure convienience to any New Yorker with their awesome open restroom policy (although their bathrooms can be a little scary at times)…and the comfort of knowing that if I need to meet someone at the drop of a hat, there is a Starbucks somewhere, ANYWHERE, that makes that possible.

Name a part of Manhattan and ask me where a Starbucks is, and I can name 2 or 3.  I have the Starbucks map engrained in my brain just like I have the MTA subway map…is that sad or what.

Oh a good note, I have recently purchased and registered a Starbucks Gift Card as a gift to myself.  This is a good deal to fellow Sbux fanatics out there.  If you buy a portable refillable mug, after the purchase of five beverages, you get FREE refills…that’s right…I’m saving $45 a month now on what I’d usually spend on iced tea-(ugh…maybe I should make my own…) In addition to registering your card you get free “upgrades”, like soy added to your drink, and a free tall beverage if you buy a bag of coffee, and a drink on your birthday.

I have passed the month mark of no coffee!  A woman asked me if I miss it at all…and nope, I still don’t…according to Dr. Perricone, in two more weeks I should officially be 10 pounds lighter…keep you posted.