Quitting Coffee Challenge! Week two!

Well I gave up coffee a little over two weeks ago.  NOT caffeine though!  (just coffee and yes I am STILL drinking my beloved Sugar Free Red Bull) Baby steps people…baby steps.

My amazing gyrotonic instructor, Jeanne, who also happens to be one of my best buds.  Told me that I’d notice a big difference in doing this.  I was skeptical, but I feel 110% better since I quit coffee.  I’ve also noticed that I’ve slimmed down a little bit-just from not drinking coffee ALONE!

Apparently when one drinks coffee-and in massive amounts-it puts the body into some kind of “shock” zone, and also makes you store a little more belly fat, no fun, so it makes sense that I’ve noticed such great results since cutting it out of my diet.

A few years ago Dr. Perricone was on Oprah and he said that cutting out coffee of your diet and replacing it with green tea, and just by doing that, one could drop 10 pounds in 6 weeks!  I have to say, that I believe it.

No headaches, I sleep better, and it’s always good to drop a little weight.  Yeah, I’m sure I’ll drink coffee again…but for now I’ll stick to tea and the bull.

Lots of stuff happening this summer…good news coming soon!

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