Red Bull/Coffee…to quit or not to quit!

Well I sent a text message to my boss the other day saying:

“Send out a memo, ban me from Red Bull.”

He writes back: “Absolutely :-)”


There has been a new rule at the club-(unless this is an urban legend, and management is messing with me)-that no more complimentary Red Bulls will be distributed to employees…hmm….I wonder if I have something to do with that rule?

Now of course this makes me want FREE Red Bull even MORE.  It’s a game to get it.  Surprisingly it was really easy.  I lose count after 4 or 5 of them.

One friend of mine told me I seemed “high” and unable to stay in one place at a time.

Yeah…that sounds about right 😦


When I was in college this guy tried to get me to join Amway…(which another entry on it’s own…)but he also had a very strong hatred towards caffeine, and mentioned something about the best Amway sales people not letting themselves have any.  (I don’t remember the story exactly, and it doesn’t really matter, but anyways…)  He told me how badly it can affect the body and that caffeine is a drug, etc…here is a pic of a person’s brain that doesn’t do ANYTHING.  This person must live in a highly confined environment and do NOTHING.

Here is the brain of someone who is a smoker and caffeine drinker.

Ugh…am I frying my brain?  I don’t smoke…so there’s some hope. (and no I never signed up for Amway)


So I’ve been regurgitating coffee for the past few days immediately after consuming it.  My trainer has suggested that maybe I cut back on it for awhile.  Sigh…I’m going to switch to iced tea…as for Red Bull…I’m still going to see what I can get, and how much of it.

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