Well Done Russell Brand…

This has circulated around the internet.  It’s about Russell’s friendship with Amy Winehouse.


It makes me upset to see how many people are quick to make comments about Amy’s death, saying: “Oh yeah…it was a matter of time.”  and making the jokes about “Rehab”…obviously the people making these comments know nothing about battling addictions.  They are fortunate to not understand, because to fully understand-100% fully, one has to have had been exposed to addiction by either suffering it themselves, or by being extremely close to someone who has.

Quitting Coffee Challenge! Week two!

Well I gave up coffee a little over two weeks ago.  NOT caffeine though!  (just coffee and yes I am STILL drinking my beloved Sugar Free Red Bull) Baby steps people…baby steps.

My amazing gyrotonic instructor, Jeanne, who also happens to be one of my best buds.  Told me that I’d notice a big difference in doing this.  I was skeptical, but I feel 110% better since I quit coffee.  I’ve also noticed that I’ve slimmed down a little bit-just from not drinking coffee ALONE!

Apparently when one drinks coffee-and in massive amounts-it puts the body into some kind of “shock” zone, and also makes you store a little more belly fat, no fun, so it makes sense that I’ve noticed such great results since cutting it out of my diet.

A few years ago Dr. Perricone was on Oprah and he said that cutting out coffee of your diet and replacing it with green tea, and just by doing that, one could drop 10 pounds in 6 weeks!  I have to say, that I believe it.

No headaches, I sleep better, and it’s always good to drop a little weight.  Yeah, I’m sure I’ll drink coffee again…but for now I’ll stick to tea and the bull.

Lots of stuff happening this summer…good news coming soon!

Amy Winehouse…

So sad when such talent is taken from the world too soon…Addiction is a tough, tough, battle.

Some of us can never give up what we know is bad for us.  It’s harder than some will ever know.

Rest in peace Amy.

Carmegeddon Los Angeles…

I have my fleeting moments of missing Los Angeles…however, I do not really miss the horrific traffic induced road rage and panic attacks I’ve experienced on the 405.

For 53 hours this weekend, the 405 will be closed.  Anyone who has spent time in LA, in a car, knows that this is a big deal…but now that I think about it, I did try to avoid the highways the entire time I lived in California…I just programmed my GPS to take alternate freeway routes, most of the time….

Here’s a cool article I found about Carmegeddon.  Good luck with it Los Angeles…I miss you…(sometimes)…

My review of Sleep No More, NYC…

My beloved and I got tickets to this practically sold-out show well over a month ago.  I have a really weird attention span, so I figured I’d be okay with the show since it was interactive.

Sleep No More, has gotten amazing reviews.  I’ve never seen anything like it.  At times it reminded me of a really fancy expensive haunted house-complete with a maze, cemetery, and amazing lighting and music…complete with a really cool bar that you can chill out in, before and after the show.

I don’t want to give anything away…but I will tell you a few things you need to know if you decide to see the show.

They will have you wear a mask-don’t worry-they sanitize them…or I saw the guy at coat check sanitizing a few anyways…but you will get hot under the masks.  I was extremely tempted to rip off my mask and pretend like I was one of the actors…but I didn’t have the guts to try it…

The actors run around a lot in part of the show, so be careful…

Also…to enjoy FULL frontal male nudity, listen for heavy bass and techno music while you’re on the 3rd floor, (I’m thinking it was around 8:45..fyi)

This is NOT a show for children…so please don’t bring them.

Also, if you’re a celebrity and want to go somewhere where no one will recognize you…this is the perfect spot because everyone is wearing a mask and it’s dark.


I haven’t blogged in about a week..I know, I know…it’s been a pretty amazing summer…working on a few different things that I’ll post about here soon enough!


Red Bull/Coffee…to quit or not to quit!

Well I sent a text message to my boss the other day saying:

“Send out a memo, ban me from Red Bull.”

He writes back: “Absolutely :-)”


There has been a new rule at the club-(unless this is an urban legend, and management is messing with me)-that no more complimentary Red Bulls will be distributed to employees…hmm….I wonder if I have something to do with that rule?

Now of course this makes me want FREE Red Bull even MORE.  It’s a game to get it.  Surprisingly it was really easy.  I lose count after 4 or 5 of them.

One friend of mine told me I seemed “high” and unable to stay in one place at a time.

Yeah…that sounds about right 😦


When I was in college this guy tried to get me to join Amway…(which another entry on it’s own…)but he also had a very strong hatred towards caffeine, and mentioned something about the best Amway sales people not letting themselves have any.  (I don’t remember the story exactly, and it doesn’t really matter, but anyways…)  He told me how badly it can affect the body and that caffeine is a drug, etc…here is a pic of a person’s brain that doesn’t do ANYTHING.  This person must live in a highly confined environment and do NOTHING.

Here is the brain of someone who is a smoker and caffeine drinker.

Ugh…am I frying my brain?  I don’t smoke…so there’s some hope. (and no I never signed up for Amway)


So I’ve been regurgitating coffee for the past few days immediately after consuming it.  My trainer has suggested that maybe I cut back on it for awhile.  Sigh…I’m going to switch to iced tea…as for Red Bull…I’m still going to see what I can get, and how much of it.

Dead of Summer…

It’s hot and I haven’t felt like blogging much.  This heat has a similar effect on my brain as it does immediately after the holiday season…I feel like one big…blah.  Except I’m in a heat coma, rather than a carbohydrate food one.

I’ve been tempted to get a bladeless fan..but the small ones start at $200.  Damn…it’s too hot for words.  I’ll be back in a few days with something juicy to write about.

Until then, keep cool friends…

Lessons I’ve Learned From Paris Hilton…

Lately I’ve been finding myself giving advice to people based on what I’ve recently seen on the new Paris Hilton reality show.

I don’t know how I feel about this.  If you have any questions in life, watch an episode of her show and it will help you work through your problems.  Now I want a Bentley, hair extensions, and I want to know what kind of eyelashes she wears.

That’s all I have to blog about for today.