How to Properly Pig Out on a Cheeseburger…Expect Ramifications.

For the most part I eat clean and healthy foods-(minus the Red Bull and Coffee).

One of my most favorite things to indulge in, that rarely happens since I moved back to the East Coast, are cheeseburgers. Mmm!

In Los Angeles, it was so easy just to hop in the car and go pick up a pretty decent burger.  In New York, it takes more effort.  That’s probably a good thing because I’d be a lot heavier.

My rule of thumb is this…I can eat a cheeseburger and fries on occasion, if I think it’s worth it, taste wise.  No McDonalds for me!  I choose carefully when I want to pig out. Because as I’m getting older there are ramifications for eating something that high in calories-at least for me because I’m like a white version of Oprah with weight gain and weight loss.  Below are my favorite cheeseburger picks.  A few of them are West Coast based.

Los Angeles Faves:

In and Out, the “Double Double Protein Style”.

Mmm!  In-and-Out has been a longtime fave of mine.  I ate there twice in one day in a time span of 3 hours.  Their cheeseburgers are simply delicious.  If you order them “protein style”, they give you a lettuce wrapped burger that makes you feel just a little healthier.  I need at least a “double” to feel like I ate anything at all.  I have never researched the calorie content on these burgers, nor do I want to…but I can only imagine.  I wasn’t a fan of their french fries, not splurgeworthy, not bad, but I cannot remember them being spectacular.

Carl Jr’s Low Carb Burger

At just around 600 calories.  This burger was pretty good when I was in dire need of a red meat fix.  I’ve never tried their fries, I’ve heard they’re not good.  They serve a nice thick meat patty, no need to double up on this one.

New York

Corner Bistro

Well…I was wasted when I ate my first Bistro Burger, and it was mighty tasty.  I think anything is good when you’re drunk and hungry though.  I think their fries were good too.

Pop Burger

I remember these being very tasty and able to fit into the palm of my hand…in fact, when I got sick at the restaurant and went to the bathroom to vomit, I went ahead and ate the remaining two when I emerged from the toilet stall.  They were really good, even though they made me sick.

Five Guys Burgers and Fries

Omg…mmm….a large order of fries and a small cheeseburger with everything will run you about 2,000 calories…good God.  I ate here yesterday.  Went home, passed out.  Woke up, had a small snack.  Went back to bed.  I woke up with a food “hangover” today.  My body can’t process junk food like it used to.

The burger was definitely amazing and splurgeworthy, however I have no energy whatsoever today to do anything.  I have restricted my intake to fresh fruit and coffee so I can physically recoup from this meal.

That’s the thing…you can pig out once in awhile, but if you are concerned about your weight, you have to take into consideration that there are ramifications that come along with it.

Life is short, so pig out, enjoy things in moderation, and have fun.



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