Sculptra Aesthetic…Crystal Harris, Hugh Hefner, and other random thoughts…

Well it looks like Hugh Hefner won’t be getting married this weekend…according to several tweets the marriage is off.  Hef is wearing his heart on his sleeve and vomiting from the mouth on Twitter about how he didn’t see it coming.  His ex Holly just arrived at the mansion approximately 10 minutes ago to “comfort” him….hmmmmm…..

Other than that…I was watching some late night television and saw a commercial for Sculptra Aesthetic.  Being bored and curious, rather than actually wanting to get shot up with the stuff-I asked around and was told that this product is $1,500 a “shot”-typically one gets a total of three, and the results can last for TWO YEARS.

Originally this nifty “anti-aging” elixir was specifically targeted to patients with HIV/AIDS…now they branched out to market women, such as myself, with looking forever young.  My doctor suggested I stick to botox and filler.  That’s fine with me!

Yeah, I have my moments of vanity, but what normal woman does not…at least I can admit to them 😉


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