Searching For Water…The High Price of New York City Pools….

When I first moved to New York City, the Holiday Inn on 57th street allowed people to use their pool for $30 a day.  Then it went up to $40-I actually shelled out the money to go, and was told I couldn’t even sit in a certain chair, because it was “reserved” for certain people…umm…okay. (and no there’s no way of sneaking in to the pool and saying you have a room there..etc…they double check. TRUST ME on this one.)


So I thought to myself, surely there must be other pool options in NYC.  I called The Holiday Inn this afternoon, and now you can use their pool for $70 a day…seriously…for a hundred dollars more I could just get a room and make a full day/night of it.  These are your other options for swimming in the city.

Parker Meridian Hotel.

For $100 a day you have access to the roof deck and the pool.  I had to ask twice to make sure this was the price..I mean..really?

Gansevoort Hotel Meatpacking District

For “Only $299”-you can get a 30 minute massage or facial, plus manicure/pedicure and ONE cocktail at the pool bar for the day.  “Does that include the room?”  I asked.  No.  It doesn’t.

I think I’m going to pay $20 and take the train to the beach.  I may attempt the Holiday Inn Pool if I’m in desperate need of a day by water, but seriously…$70…a high price to pay for convenience.


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