Part Two Product Review: DRANK!

I proceeded to drink an entire can of Drank last night…and WOW.

A friend of mine had mentioned it was described as “weed in a can”-and she was right, except it was better-(even though it had 220 calories).

An hour after drinking the can I zonked out as if someone had roofied me at a frat party.  I felt “high” (but minus the paranoia I had from eating that pot brownie two years ago…a horrible experience).  All I wanted to do was lay down and sleep.  So I did.  I slept through most of the night, woke up with a minor headache…but I was impressed with Drank.  I’d definitely drink it again.

I’d almost want to dilute it with soda water to cut the calories in half…but I don’t think it would be as potent.

I’ve heard mixed reviews from people on the product…my take on it is this.  I was using it as a sleep/relaxation aid.  So after I drank it, I laid down.  I had it on an empty stomach.  I lead a pretty health conscious lifestyle (minus my massive Red Bull binges 3 days a week)-so it “hit” me pretty hard and knocked me out.  It might not do the same thing for you if you’ve been out partying or eating crap all night long.

Everyone reacts differently to sleep aids, drugs, alcohol, etc…so keep that in mind…but this is definitely a beverage I’m going to have on me this summer for sleepless nights.  Nice job Drank!  Thank you.


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