Gatorade…it’s a lot more than just a drink now! G Series Fit-Product Review.

Gatorade has finally branched out.  In addition to their fab low calorie workout beverages, they now make this totally nifty product in their G Series Fit line that is one of the best inventions since sliced bread.

I don’t like working out after a meal…but then again I don’t like going to the gym on an empty stomach…these little suckers are pretty amazing.  It’s a protein bar that comes pre-packaged in four little segments.  It’s the perfect thing to take to tide yourself over before a dinner party, or a workout.  Each “square” is individually wrapped and is a mere 50 calories.  I tried and LOVED the Banana Choco Nut Bread flavor.  Two of them filled me up enough for me to get to the gym and do some cardio.  More on their other products here.

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