Where in the World is Harold Camping after Judgement Day?…

Check it…one of his followers in Times Square via this blog-HERE. This end of the world thing was a big letdown.  Don’t get me wrong…I’m GLAD the world didn’t end and didn’t expect it to-but of course there’s that…”Well…what IF it really did end?”

No one knows where Harold Camping is today, and seriously if one was planning on pulling a Houdini, packing up and moving to Mexico with a fake ID and a crap ton of cash, yesterday was definitely the day to do it.  Or who knows what will arise over the next few days or so.

I don’t believe that God is someone evil and THAT judgemental who would strand people behind that are genuinely good regardless of their lifestyles, occupations, and preferences unless they were serial phsycho killers.  Anyways…I woke up today feeling a little relieved that we’re still here, and more motivated to get my ass in gear before the Mayan prediction in 2012.

I have sunburnt myself in Miami and chose the worst swimsuit possible to wear..it is my own fault and at least I have time to correct that.

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