UPDATE: Judgement Day By Time Zone…and I Can Leave the World Happy Thanks to Starbucks…

Immediately upon landing in Miami, I felt at ease about the world ending (if it indeed does)-what I do not understand is the end of the world “rolling with the time zones”…like it’s New Years Eve or something.  As of now I’m pretty happy in my hotel especially since I found a Starbucks that serves the magical legendary TRENTA size…wow…thank you God!  If the world does end, I can say that I finally had a trenta from Starbucks.  It is so big it holds a whole bottle of wine.

NO THIS IS NOT MY PERSONAL PICTURE-I stole it from google.  I am enjoying Judgement Day sober, thank you very much.

You know what…this whole end of the world thing has motivated me to be more proactive with my life in general, and to get a tan because I am by far the palest person here in Miami.


Well…it’s after 7:00 now, I’m still holed up in my hotel watching Stephen Baldwin on CNN talk about why the rapture didn’t happen…heading to South Beach later, maybe the mall…as glad as I am that the Trenta is available here, it doesn’t look THAT different than the Venti at Sbux.  The super large secret size at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf is way better, and I’m craving their coffee right now…

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