Judgement Day Countdown! Miami here I come…Blogging before, after and DURING the Rapture!! May 21st!

I overslept today and did not make it to the gym.  At first I was beating myself up about this, but then realized that life is too short (especially since the rapture is tomorrow).  I also decided against getting eyelash extensions.  I didn’t feel like laying on a table for two hours on one of the last normal days of the earth…so instead this is what I’ve done.

I passed out around at 2:00am after downing two dream water shots, last night, fell asleep watching “Keys to the VIP”.   Let me tell you…that’s HIGH quality television folks.  Then woke up around 2:00pm.  Now I’m lounging on the couch, pondering life, but trying not to get too heavy about things.  I just finished my second manuscript and if the world doesn’t end on Saturday, I’m debating self-publishing or going about it the traditional way…I’m drinking coffee, AND glory be to God-I was able to use my frequent flier miles to get a FREE plane ticket to Miami and staying at a Marriot somewhere!  It’s almost as if God wants me there for this magical day!  Glamour baby…Rocking out the rapture!

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