Is the World REALLY Ending This Saturday, May 21st…?

Originally I wasn’t TOO freaked out about the possibility of the world ending.  I asked my boss about it, and he said no-and he’s usually right about everything…then I made the mistake of taking the wrong train into the Times Square Subway station, and when transferring I saw a massive amount of the the Family Christian Radio people running around with fliers, bibles and signs.  The creepiest thing about it, was that they all looked NORMAL.  Like people I’d see at Starbucks or at Target.  Some even looked like hipsters from Williamsburg.  They all seemed quite calm about it too.  I seriously would’ve stopped and asked a few questions if I had time, but I was running late.

Then, a friend sent me this most amazing link.  What will you do if your pet is not raptured with you?  These people apparently can help.

Then you can have an automated, email, text, or VIDEO sent…for a small fee once you are raptured so your friends and family who aren’t will know where you are.

I’m going to Miami with the one I love on Saturday…if I’m going to be raptured, it might as well be in style on the beach in a bikini…yeah the plane ticket is pricey but if the world does end, money won’t really matter THAT much after Sunday will it?

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