Assuming the World DOES End on Saturday, May 21st, A rundown on my plans for the last few hours on planet Earth…

As I type this, I am currently on a “Hampton Luxury Liner” (BUS) back from Atlantic City en route to Manhattan.

Click on image above to learn more about it…better yet… gets you FIVE dollar tickets.  This “luxury liner” (BUS) has Snacks (only cheez-it’s and Famous Amos cookies) and Poland Springs Water.  Grab a few bottles and the trip pays for itself!

This bus is cool because the drivers do not seem to care who gets on, one man even bribed a driver with some cash at the last minute.  However their customer service hotline SUCKS big time.  Oh well..waving a $10 in front of a driver works good enough!


I have lost more money than I had planned on in the middle of the week playing video poker.  I spent well over $20 on Red Bull alone.  I do not understand.  It is cheaper to get wasted and gamble, than it is to drink a Red Bull and do so.  We did have a “free” luxury hotel room, courtesy of Bally’s-then again, after the last trip we made there…I guess we “earned” it from our gambling excursions.

Am I upset about my financial losses at the casino?  Yes.  I just keep telling myself that IF the rapture happens on Saturday, I’ll be glad I did it.

I have also decided to get eyelash extensions tomorrow and go to the gym and do an hour of cardio, and eat at least on Reeses Peanut Butter Cup.


I may also get a spray tan because I am going to Miami for Judgement Day!  Ahh!  The excitement of being in glamourous Miami on the (supposed) final day of the world-before all of the saved ones are flown up into the sky.  Once again, this Miami trip is impromptu, and a bit pricey, but Judgement Day only comes around…well…supposedly once (even though it was predicted to happen in 1994, and didn’t).

No matter what happens…you only live once, right?  So I figure that why not go to Miami?!

No, I am not staying at this hotel?  I have NO idea where I’m staying yet…I may not even need a hotel if I am raptured while sunbathing on the beach. closing…I’ll report more about my plans tomorrow.  Perhaps I should’ve planned a trip to France instead, but Miami is definitely a quicker flight, and I’ve promised two of my friends I will take their pets if they happen to be raptured and I’m (probably) left behind…so I’ll need to be able to get back to the city quickly!

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