Drinking Etiquette For Ladies…

This blog has been inspired by this status update on Facebook that got several comments.

Nothing says trash than a wasted girl stumbling around in an evening gown…at ANY event.  I once worked at a club that didn’t even allow a lady to carry her own beverage across the room.

For the most part, beer is one of the worst things to drink if you are half naked, at the beach, or doing a bikini contest, stripping, or doing a pageant.  It can make you bloated and can have negative effects on your appearance and behavior, especially if you’ve thrown back some yager, tequila, or 100 proof whatever down along with it.

I am NOT condoning or encouraging drinking alcohol in this entry (if you REALLY know me, you know what I mean.)  

But if you’re going to do it, you might as well be a lady about it and not stumble around like a drunken lush-I can say this because I have been that drunken stumbling annoying slut at a bar more times that I can remember (literally…oy!)

The only thing that a woman can drink and look really bad in-in EVENING wear at a cocktail party is a can of beer or a bottle of beer.  I suggest putting your beer in a glass, or if you do want to drink from the bottle, get a cute little bendy straw to add a flirty, femme touch to it.  Or there’s always this koozy, which is almost pushing it…but somewhat acceptable.

Here are a variety of images that I have snatched up from google of drunk lady disasters.

Well the sharpie scrawled on the leg says it all. FUN.

“Oh always the bridesmaid..never the bride…too drunk to care…at least I have Dom…”

“I must keep my buzz going!  All of the champagne is gone!”

I’ve seen RED plastic party cups…but never yellow at a kegger.  Wow.  Go girls!

And they lived happily ever after…(where is her husband?)


See the can of Pepsi?  Was that a last effort to sober up before she passed out?  Pepsi…the Next Generation.

Why is the groom shirtless?


With that said hopefully these pics will deter female readers out there from becoming a casualty when you google “drunk girl”.

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