Using a Doctor’s Note Full Force!

Since my injury, I’ve been milking the heck out of the doctor’s note that states that I must wear “soft soled shoes on my L foot, due to severe trauma”.  I have used this note to pre-board on airplanes (it still hurts and will for another few months)…and I especially enjoyed using it today at Costco, when I rode on one of these.

My sister’s thought it would be simply hysterical to put this big teddy bear in the basket.  We wanted to keep it there to show my dad, but I had trouble keeping up with them, and the little cart simply couldn’t go fast enough and I was frustrated and tired…not to mention, people were giving me very strange looks and laughing at me on this…so I just tried to look sad so they’d think my injury was severe enough to garner the use of this device.

Oh boo…it sucks having a broken foot.  I think I’ll be able to do cardio again on Monday…God help me.

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