FML…New Hot Pink Phone, Injured in the City, Yasmine Bleeth and a Bottle of Jager…

Hello All,

Welcome to what has become the premiere website for Yasmine Bleeth fans to check out.  My Yasmine Bleeth news for today is…well, not much, but I don’t want to dissapoint, so here’s a pic of her.

WOW!  This is an awesome pic Yasmine!  You go girl!


Anyways…what is new in the Fabulous World of Randi Newton?  I’ve learned this week, that having a broken toe in Manhattan…SUCKS.  I have a doctor’s note which has allowed me to wear” soft soled comfortable shoes” to work.  Spent the past two shifts in Emu’s:

Yes…aren’t these sexy?  I did meet a man with a cane and a broken hip though, and we bonded over our injuries…but even wearing Emu’s didn’t prevent me from the searing pain I felt throughout the night…once again, Doctor’s orders…off my feet until next week. Boo.


Over the course of my evening, I met a man who bought a whole bottle of Yagermeister! MMMM….(not)…I felt like I was back in college, and I’m sure the bottle is still sitting at work barely touched.

Somehow during the entrance of the Yager, my cell phone magically disappeared.  Luckily I have a spare at home.  That spare phone is Hot Pink.  Oh well…beggars can’t be choosers…so now I’m sporting a hot pink phone.  All I need is a Hello Kitty sticker and I’ll be set. I may actually get one.  If you’re gonna walk around with such a bold phone to make a statement…I say go all the way and bling it out with Hello Kitty.

To the person who has my Sprint Samsung Instinct that at first glance, looks like an Iphone…but is soooooooooooo not (and it was $30 used on ebay…ENJOY! muuuuhahahaha).

At first glance this looks like it could be an iphone…let me assure you it is FAR from it….performance wise….enjoy it whomever has it in their possession.

New phone-$12 on Ebay…probably because it’s pink…FML.

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