Ladies and Gentlemen, Andrew Rannells, fellow Nebraskan, childhood friend, and Tony Nominee!!!

I am NOT a morning person…but I woke up early to the news from my beau telling me: “Andrew’s nominated for a Tony!!!”

Andrew Rannells is currently starring in “Book of Mormon” on Broadway-a musical created by the masterminds behind Southpark.  We were fortunate enough to go see it while it was in previews, and now it’s jam packed sold out!  I imagine it will continue to stay that way for months and months to come.

Our hometown newspaper wrote an excellent piece on Andrew’s theatrical background while growing up in Omaha.

Andrew and I have known each other for over 20 years.  He’s like a brother to me and to see him get this nomination truly makes my day, my month my year.  He moved to New York City about a year before I did, and I can honestly say that he’s worked HARD to get to where he is.  There’s no such thing as an overnight success, it’s all about a series of events that leads to getting the recognition you deserve.

So to Andrew, my oldest friend…sometimes we love each other and sometimes we hate each other-but I’m beyond proud and boasting and no one deserves this more than you.  Remember, it’s an honor just being nominated…but as far as I’m concerned, you’ve already won.

I love you Andrew!

The show’s site is HERE, but they’re sold out until July folks!

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