How to Look Fashionable and Fly While Injured!…

Sadly, I have had to get all of my shifts covered this week, as I have a fractured toe that seems to be getting better, but I know that if I throw a pair of high heels on at this point, I’d probably re-injure myself.  I have gotten PROFESSIONAL medical advice and I’ve been advised to stay off my feet as much as possible and to NOT wear high heels under ANY circumstances.

I really did WANT to work this week…and went over several footwear and fashion options in my head that I could possibly attempt with my fractured toe.

Throwing these fluffy and fun leg warmers on, just may do the trick…if I wore a pair of flip flops…but that still would not cover the area of my injury…so I’d have to say this is a NO.

Then I thought back to the time I had pink eye when I was working in Los Angeles…my boss suggested that I wear a patch and come in anyways.

“Do you realize what it is that you are saying?  I do not think this is a good selling point to people.”

Look at the options!

Too cute!…but uhh…no thanks…

Then I seriously considered a vanity cane for a millisecond, and realized that it would be just WRONG.

Walk, sit, work, rest AND relax!  It’s a chair AND a cane!

Ooooh….bling bling!  Canes are pimpin’ now…

All in all, I decided that although these are creative ideas for helping bedazzle an injury, the point here is really that unless you are going to a cocktail party or some live or die networking event, it’s best to rest and recouperate…I do not want to be the girl getting the “pity” tip by walking around with an eye patch or cane…and you shouldn’t either!

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