UPDATE!: I am NOT a Medical Professional…but my two cents on how to treat a fractured toe in the comfort of your own home…

I am so bored stuck here on the sofa with my feet elevated that I thought I’d post a handy, helpful tip on how to handle an injury that requires icing, etc…

Using a bag of frozen peas or corn mold perfectly to the injured part of your body! (I actually heard this on an old episode of Doctor 90210, I think…) anyways…buy a few bags, so when one gets too warm, you can throw it back into the freezer and grab another one.  I do NOT recommend eating them after use.  Also, no need to buy organic or any fancy brand…we went generic with this purchase.


I am NOT a medical professional, although some people would beg to differ as I do act as a therapist sometimes at my “day” job.

I thought nothing of when I walked into a board we were storing in the hallway yesterday morning.  Well…I did cry like a little bitch and collapse on the floor since I have the pain tolerance of an infant, but I went about my day which consisted of watching a lot of reality television.  Then when I accidentally kicked a laundry bag with my “stubbed” toe…I kind of knew that it was a little more serious than I thought.

Eric and I are both hypochondriacs, called my mom, and she talked us out of going to the ER, which was good because I was feeling lazy and not wanting to pay a hefty bill.  So we took matters into our own hands which meant. GOOGLE.

I found this quite helpful article on fractured toes. It basically says that pending on how bad it looks, feels, etc, that all they will do at the ER is “buddy tape” you.  All you need is for someone other than yourself who knows what they’re doing.  Eric whipped out a medical kit and Wilderness Survival Guide, set my toes back in place and taped them.  It hurt and a big bruise is forming, and I’m icing it.  Remember, with a foot injury to use RICE:

R: Rest

I: Ice

C: Compress

E: Elevate

Ouchie 😦

Do NOT go to WebMd for any self-diagnosis…they will convince you that you are dying…seriously.

So yeah…now I just have to lay around for the next day or so and rest.  My next challenge is figuring out what kind of footwear to wear next time I go to the office…any thoughts would be appreciated.

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