Yuento Music Balloon…the BEST Portable speaker out there!

I’m all about pretty packaging, cool looking stuff, and anything gadget/electronic…so when I saw this at West Elm a few months ago, I kept my eye on the price tag and waited for it to go down since I’m such a bargain whore.

The Yuento Music Balloon was available at West Elm, of all places for $45, right around the start of the holiday season.  I was thrilled when I saw it marked all of the way down to $19.97 (when an item is marked down to an “odd” number such as .97 cents, that means the price is as low as it’s gonna go) so I grabbed one, and crossed my fingers that it would be a good investment.

I have to say, this little speaker kicks ass!  It’s WAY better than my old school Altec Lansing one’s that I bought a million years ago.  It charges up in about less than an hour, right in your computer’s USB.  The sound it produces is way better than the speakers that are built in on my Mac-it lasts for at least 7 hours.  I feel asleep with it on and it still had enough power to last! WOW…Yuento, you rock.

This item is available on ebay…or I’m sure at your local West Elm-(it’s currently not avail on their website).  I say snatch one up if you’re looking for a really cute and reliable portable speaker that has enough power to provide sound for a small house party.  Even though it was on sale for $19.97, it’s worth the full price of $45.00.


I do find this ad a bit disturbing…”attract the attention of kids”?  It looks like the man in the pic is trying to lure the child into a van with a “box of puppies”….anyhoo…nonetheless…it’s a good speaker.


And no, I have not heard from Yasmine Bleeth…sorry everyone who visits looking for info about her.  I’m still anxiously awaiting.  Yasmine, please let us know how you’re doing.

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