Who Needs a Car Alarm These Days? Especially if you have a crappy vehicle!

We took a lovely Easter stroll in Long Island City and came upon this car plastered with signs ALL over it…apparently there have been some problems with it’s alarm going off at all hours of the day/night.

People are posting signs all over it!  I took some pictures of them…see!

This was my favorite one which read: “No one wants your crappy 04 Infinity!  Turn off your Alarm!  Sincerely, Neighborhood Thug!”

A view from the front…the person who posted the sign on the right-must be REALLY pissed, because they took the time to put up a few more and they added dates to them.

I don’t think a car alarm is “broken” if it’s going off, right?  It must be working if it’s making noise…isn’t that the point?

Someone really took the time and effort to make this sign.  They took advantage of using bold print to emphasize their frustration, and then put some of it in red.  Well done!  I kind of have a feeling it may be the same person who wrote the signs above scrawled in a sharpie…nonetheless…I was pretty close to this car when I took the pics, and no alarm went off.  I guess this means that the matter was taken into someone’s “own hands”.

I don’t really think car alarms are that necessary.  People in NYC ignore them and you shouldn’t be putting anything THAT valuable in a car to begin with.  All this person had in theirs were coffee cups and some paper.  So, I’ll agree with the “Neighborhood Thug”…No one wants your crappy 04′ Infinity…please fix your alarm.

Thanks to all of the Yasmine Bleeth fans who viewed this blog…I am seriously considering turning this into a site for her since she gets FAR more google hits than I.

Happy Monday.

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