Traveling? In Need of CHEAP Souvenirs? Look no further!

How many times have you gone on a trip and one of your annoying co-workers asks you to bring them something back?  ESPECIALLY if you’re coming to New York City, which is expensive enough already!

I HIGHLY recommend going to Duane Reade to get some excellent edible gifts at a FRACTION of the cost you’d pay at the airport or some other tourist crap trap.  Look at all of these really cool Duane Reade items that are New York themed.  They are delicious and CHEAP.  I’ve tried almost all of them.

Oooh…if someone loves firefighters AND coffee…kill two birds with one stone and buy them THIS!  It’s WAY cheaper!

Who doesn’t love gummy bears?  Especially ones with the NYC skyline in the back?  WAY better than airport gummy bears!

I believe this peppermint bark is only avail during the winter season at Duane Reade…but it makes a lovely gift to relatives that want something from the big city, at a super small price.

Oooh….what a great “healthy” gift!  Vitamin C Lolly’s…great for people who have kids!

Mmm….pecan clusters!  Mmm!  Again, a perfect NY souvenir at a fraction of the price with a ton of taste.

Another piece of advice…Walgreens is a GREAT place to get cheap souvenirs.  I got a crap ton of stuff from the one in Vegas.  I got a t-shirt at the one in Nebraska for $6.00!  Anyhoo…that’s my two cents for the day.

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