If You Are Considering A Memory Foam Mattress…READ THIS FIRST…

As I fell asleep on my new mattress for a wee nap last night, I thought to myself-“Wow…this is supposed to be “soft” it’s pretty hard, I wonder how hard HARD would feel,” we were given the option to buy a soft, medium or firm one.

As my fiance got into bed with me, he noticed the mattress was really hard too.  Then we realized something.


Needless to say as soon as we flipped it rightside up, we slept great.  The only annoying thing now is that we’re trying to figure out why our arms are falling asleep.

So if you know why this might be happening, write back and let me know.  Also…make sure your mattress is NOT upside down when you’re trying to sleep on it. 😉

That’s all for today…I still haven’t tried DRANK yet…too nervous!

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