A Video With Yasmine Bleeth…

Here is a compilation of a video of Yasmine from Baywatch.  She is running around in various one piece swimsuits and looks stunning.

I’ve gotten a number of questions from people on whether or not I’ve heard from Ms. Bleeth.  No I have not.  I’m hoping that she’s well.  I’m not some pshycho fan, I mainly write product reviews on this site now…but according to my reader stats, everyone comes here to see what Yasmine is up to these days.

When I was in college, I was hired to work as a Yasmine Bleeth “lookalike” for an events company…sadly there was not enough demand for me to runaround in a red swimsuit or family functions.  When someone called to book the lookalike Elvis for a woman’s birthday party…he was not available, the booker suggested “Why don’t you choose our Yasmine Bleeth lookalike.”  Alas they did not.

Anyways…Yasmine, if you’re out there reading this.  Shoot me an email.

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