Can in hand…ready to drink DRANK…almost..PRE-review…

This pic is from The Consumerist Blog, which I’m plugging here…you can read their review, then when I get brave enough to try it myself you can read the one I post here in the next few days.


I got my case of DRANK today!  When I explained what is was to my doorlady’s and offered them one each, they were like: “Oh hell yeah girl!”…I warned them to not drink the beverage until they were home because it can induce drowsiness.  This drink also has the nickname of “weed in a can”…that’s a really good selling point right there-although I do not like mary jane and have had a BAD reaction to it in the past.

I’m an avid Dream Water drinker.  So I’m hoping that Drank will provide me with an even more trancelike all-natural sleepiness state.

My only concerns are this.  Drank is 220 Calories and 120 mgs of sodium for onecan.  If you really want to “drink to sleep”, you may be better off with a shot of whiskey-but that’s not an option for some people out there.

Dream Water is calorie free, however it does contain 80mgs of sodium for ONE SMALL shot.

The one thing that’s enticing to me is that stock in DRANK has increased significantly over the past week…Dream Water isn’t up for grabs yet.

So with that said…I’ll be posting my review on DRANK in the next few days.  I’ll probably try it over the weekend when I have the chance to sleep in and not miss any of my meetings I have lined up during the week.

Another fave sleeping remedy of mine-Gan Mai Da Zao Tang…huh?  Google it for more info.


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