Yotel! Opening in NYC “Summer” 2011…

Ooh…now this could be really really neat!  Or it could completely NOT work out at all.

The euro super quick stay hotel YOTEL . Is coming this “summer” (I put summer in quotations because summer could be anytime between June, July, August..that gives them plenty of leeway)

Most of their locations are in European airport terminals.  They allow you to book a room for a minimum of four hours, or you can stay for a few days.

This sounds like a cool idea to bring to New York City…but I’m sorry…something immediately crosses my mind.  Hookers.  This would be a great place for hookers to bring clients.

According to the website they don’t even have real people check you in, it’s all done by computer, and even a robot takes your luggage for you.  As cool as their website is, and as much as I love staying in hotels…this one looks like it could either sink…or swim…

There are certain things that sadly are not Manhattan friendly, like Souplantation -damn…I really miss that place.  They were rampant in Los Angeles, but in NYC-an all you can eat buffet for $12.00 simply does not exist.

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