Product Review: Boscia Black Mask…PICTURES!

Do not be alarmed by my appearance.

It’s from the Bosica Black Illuminating mask I bought at Sephora.

I’ve had it for awhile and it’s really different than any other peel off mask out there.  For starters, it’s black (duh)…it’s high quality, as it should be because of the $34.00 price tag.

It peels off evenly which is pretty swell.  Do I think it works?  It claims to have a “brightening effect”, but really now, I think that any thing that’s black that you put on your skin and then peel off can create the illusion that your skin looks magically brighter.  It definitely “feels” like it’s working and it’s certainly fun to slather on and peel off.

You can get this fab mask at Sephora or on Amazon.

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