This could very well be my most boring Product Review blog EVER…Homedics Leg Spacer Pillow…

Well I was on some kind of weird shopping spree yesterday at TjMaxx…nothing like building credit though, so I purchased a Homedic Leg Spacer Pillow.  I usually sleep with a billion pillows anyways, and this looked like it might be a pretty good investment.  Look at this amazing picture!

I mean, come on now…doesn’t this make YOU want to run out and buy one?  The woman on the package looked so peaceful and serene and it was ONLY $12.00 at the Maxx…so I snatched it up.


I woke up this morning and couldn’t locate the pillow…it had drifted to the other side of the bed, I guess it escaped my legs.  I also woke up with some moderate back pain…hmm…could this have something to do with it?  It’s fine now, I shook it off when I hobbled out of bed.  This product really wasn’t what I expected…but I’m currently balancing my laptop on it…so it’s good for something.

It’s got a great soft velour cover, and it IS a SOFT COMFY pillow…don’t get me wrong on that.  Maybe I just need to give the little guy another chance tonight.

COMING SOON! A firsthand interview with a friend of mine who is on the HCG “diet”!  Complete with before and after pictures.  I cannot wait to document this amazing and controversial weight loss technique here!  Alright…Have a totally awesome weekend.


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