Yuento Music Balloon…the BEST Portable speaker out there!

I’m all about pretty packaging, cool looking stuff, and anything gadget/electronic…so when I saw this at West Elm a few months ago, I kept my eye on the price tag and waited for it to go down since I’m such a bargain whore.

The Yuento Music Balloon was available at West Elm, of all places for $45, right around the start of the holiday season.  I was thrilled when I saw it marked all of the way down to $19.97 (when an item is marked down to an “odd” number such as .97 cents, that means the price is as low as it’s gonna go) so I grabbed one, and crossed my fingers that it would be a good investment.

I have to say, this little speaker kicks ass!  It’s WAY better than my old school Altec Lansing one’s that I bought a million years ago.  It charges up in about less than an hour, right in your computer’s USB.  The sound it produces is way better than the speakers that are built in on my Mac-it lasts for at least 7 hours.  I feel asleep with it on and it still had enough power to last! WOW…Yuento, you rock.

This item is available on ebay…or I’m sure at your local West Elm-(it’s currently not avail on their website).  I say snatch one up if you’re looking for a really cute and reliable portable speaker that has enough power to provide sound for a small house party.  Even though it was on sale for $19.97, it’s worth the full price of $45.00.


I do find this ad a bit disturbing…”attract the attention of kids”?  It looks like the man in the pic is trying to lure the child into a van with a “box of puppies”….anyhoo…nonetheless…it’s a good speaker.


And no, I have not heard from Yasmine Bleeth…sorry everyone who visits looking for info about her.  I’m still anxiously awaiting.  Yasmine, please let us know how you’re doing.

Who Needs a Car Alarm These Days? Especially if you have a crappy vehicle!

We took a lovely Easter stroll in Long Island City and came upon this car plastered with signs ALL over it…apparently there have been some problems with it’s alarm going off at all hours of the day/night.

People are posting signs all over it!  I took some pictures of them…see!

This was my favorite one which read: “No one wants your crappy 04 Infinity!  Turn off your Alarm!  Sincerely, Neighborhood Thug!”

A view from the front…the person who posted the sign on the right-must be REALLY pissed, because they took the time to put up a few more and they added dates to them.

I don’t think a car alarm is “broken” if it’s going off, right?  It must be working if it’s making noise…isn’t that the point?

Someone really took the time and effort to make this sign.  They took advantage of using bold print to emphasize their frustration, and then put some of it in red.  Well done!  I kind of have a feeling it may be the same person who wrote the signs above scrawled in a sharpie…nonetheless…I was pretty close to this car when I took the pics, and no alarm went off.  I guess this means that the matter was taken into someone’s “own hands”.

I don’t really think car alarms are that necessary.  People in NYC ignore them and you shouldn’t be putting anything THAT valuable in a car to begin with.  All this person had in theirs were coffee cups and some paper.  So, I’ll agree with the “Neighborhood Thug”…No one wants your crappy 04′ Infinity…please fix your alarm.

Thanks to all of the Yasmine Bleeth fans who viewed this blog…I am seriously considering turning this into a site for her since she gets FAR more google hits than I.

Happy Monday.

Happy Easter to All…

A friend of mine apparently has started an Easter tradition, where he posts Easter pageant videos of things gone wrong.  With that said.  I thought I’d share this video:

I do not mean for this to offend anyone at all!  It’s ironic how they do take the Lord’s name in vain when everything goes wrong at the end of the clip.

Easter is truly one of my favorite holidays…not just because of the amazing candy selection that you can find in the stores-but because it’s about Rebirth and a lot of other amazing things.  So, Hoppy Easter to all!

Traveling? In Need of CHEAP Souvenirs? Look no further!

How many times have you gone on a trip and one of your annoying co-workers asks you to bring them something back?  ESPECIALLY if you’re coming to New York City, which is expensive enough already!

I HIGHLY recommend going to Duane Reade to get some excellent edible gifts at a FRACTION of the cost you’d pay at the airport or some other tourist crap trap.  Look at all of these really cool Duane Reade items that are New York themed.  They are delicious and CHEAP.  I’ve tried almost all of them.

Oooh…if someone loves firefighters AND coffee…kill two birds with one stone and buy them THIS!  It’s WAY cheaper!

Who doesn’t love gummy bears?  Especially ones with the NYC skyline in the back?  WAY better than airport gummy bears!

I believe this peppermint bark is only avail during the winter season at Duane Reade…but it makes a lovely gift to relatives that want something from the big city, at a super small price.

Oooh….what a great “healthy” gift!  Vitamin C Lolly’s…great for people who have kids!

Mmm….pecan clusters!  Mmm!  Again, a perfect NY souvenir at a fraction of the price with a ton of taste.

Another piece of advice…Walgreens is a GREAT place to get cheap souvenirs.  I got a crap ton of stuff from the one in Vegas.  I got a t-shirt at the one in Nebraska for $6.00!  Anyhoo…that’s my two cents for the day.

If You Are Considering A Memory Foam Mattress…READ THIS FIRST…

As I fell asleep on my new mattress for a wee nap last night, I thought to myself-“Wow…this is supposed to be “soft” it’s pretty hard, I wonder how hard HARD would feel,” we were given the option to buy a soft, medium or firm one.

As my fiance got into bed with me, he noticed the mattress was really hard too.  Then we realized something.


Needless to say as soon as we flipped it rightside up, we slept great.  The only annoying thing now is that we’re trying to figure out why our arms are falling asleep.

So if you know why this might be happening, write back and let me know.  Also…make sure your mattress is NOT upside down when you’re trying to sleep on it. 😉

That’s all for today…I still haven’t tried DRANK yet…too nervous!

Here’s Something Really Exciting for You…Memory Foam Mattress Review…

I got a memory foam mattress on Overstock.com , I will start this entry by saying that you can buy anything on that site, and the shipping is ONLY $2.95.  I am a sucker for cheap shipping, and for a bargain.

I’ve heard mixed reviews on memory foam.  I’ve heard some bad things about them, and some good.  As I’m laying on my new mattress right now, my butt is somewhat falling asleep.  I have yet to put a glass of wine on the bed and jump on it to see if it stays completely still, like it does for the lady on the commercial.


Did you know that memory foam was developed for astronauts and NASA?  Well now you do.

That’s all for today.

A Video With Yasmine Bleeth…

Here is a compilation of a video of Yasmine from Baywatch.  She is running around in various one piece swimsuits and looks stunning.

I’ve gotten a number of questions from people on whether or not I’ve heard from Ms. Bleeth.  No I have not.  I’m hoping that she’s well.  I’m not some pshycho fan, I mainly write product reviews on this site now…but according to my reader stats, everyone comes here to see what Yasmine is up to these days.

When I was in college, I was hired to work as a Yasmine Bleeth “lookalike” for an events company…sadly there was not enough demand for me to runaround in a red swimsuit or family functions.  When someone called to book the lookalike Elvis for a woman’s birthday party…he was not available, the booker suggested “Why don’t you choose our Yasmine Bleeth lookalike.”  Alas they did not.

Anyways…Yasmine, if you’re out there reading this.  Shoot me an email.

True Beauty…

I’ve had an interesting day…what did people do before photoshop?  Seriously?  I guess starve?  People probably still do that now.  This video has been around for awhile, but I thought I’d post it today.

Get over yourselves…there’s more to life than being skinny….now don’t get me wrong…I LOVE working out, staying in shape, etc, eating right and taking care of myself…it’s just important to never take it too far where one would hurt themselves…and not just physically but EMOTIONALLY as well.

Thank you.

Can in hand…ready to drink DRANK…almost..PRE-review…

This pic is from The Consumerist Blog, which I’m plugging here…you can read their review, then when I get brave enough to try it myself you can read the one I post here in the next few days.


I got my case of DRANK today!  When I explained what is was to my doorlady’s and offered them one each, they were like: “Oh hell yeah girl!”…I warned them to not drink the beverage until they were home because it can induce drowsiness.  This drink also has the nickname of “weed in a can”…that’s a really good selling point right there-although I do not like mary jane and have had a BAD reaction to it in the past.

I’m an avid Dream Water drinker.  So I’m hoping that Drank will provide me with an even more trancelike all-natural sleepiness state.

My only concerns are this.  Drank is 220 Calories and 120 mgs of sodium for onecan.  If you really want to “drink to sleep”, you may be better off with a shot of whiskey-but that’s not an option for some people out there.

Dream Water is calorie free, however it does contain 80mgs of sodium for ONE SMALL shot.

The one thing that’s enticing to me is that stock in DRANK has increased significantly over the past week…Dream Water isn’t up for grabs yet.

So with that said…I’ll be posting my review on DRANK in the next few days.  I’ll probably try it over the weekend when I have the chance to sleep in and not miss any of my meetings I have lined up during the week.

Another fave sleeping remedy of mine-Gan Mai Da Zao Tang…huh?  Google it for more info.