An Open Letter To Lifetime Fitness Gym in Omaha, Nebraska…

PLEASE leave me alone.  I no longer live in Omaha, Nebraska.  Yes it was my bad in requesting a complimentary guest pass back in DECEMBER-because I was VISITING for a few days.  I thought I made it very clear in the THREE emails I responded to that I do not live in Omaha, and it’s a VERY far commute for me to workout at your gym.

Tammi was especially nice and told me that I’d be taken off your calling list a month ago…but Chad….Chad…why do you keep calling me?  I’ve never met you, but I feel like you’re a guy who can’t get the hint that I’m not interested (in joining your gym)…not to mention, you’ve called me three times and I have not returned your calls.  I think you need to get the hint.  Are you like this when you’re trying to date someone?  I certainly hope not, although, being that I’m in sales myself I think you take the “go-getter” thing to the next level.

I’m not into joining a gym that’s not even in the same state that I live in.  I’m sorry…but I hope you understand.  Please stop calling me…I feel as if it’s been a “Lifetime” of phone calls.

I wish there was a Lifetime Fitness in looks pretty spectacular.

The only way I could possibly get to one from NYC would be to take the PATH train, or a ferry to get there, and I’m sorry but taking a boat to the gym just seems like A LOT of effort.

Other than that…this gym looks great…just be careful when you call to get a guest pass…they’ve called me more than my own family has called me.



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