Hoppy Easter! Mmm…Easter Candy LOW CALORIE candy treat!

Easter is one of the BEST holidays out there for candy….ahhh so much variety!  Or maybe it’s the cute girly packaging that I heart so much that makes me smile on a chilly spring day!


Recently I’ve been on a hardcore “lifestyle change” workout program/diet regime…so I haven’t been candy or sugar or Red Bull binging like I used to.  Today I did reward myself to a teeny tiny Easter treat.  Chocolate Dipped Marshmellow PEEPS! MMM!

These are AMAZING…and 3 have less than 180 calories which is even more amazing.

You know what else is REALLY fun to do with Peeps?  Put them in the microwave and watch them explode.

For more fun Peep products go to their website like I did


Don’t say I didn’t warn you….

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