Mmm…COFFEE! I love Coffee! Starbucks Tribute…

I love coffee!  I love caffeine!  What I really love is my new Cuisineart Coffee Machine that grinds up the beans and brews anywhere between 2-12 cups…because one cup of anything is NEVER enough!

Get it on for a good deal.  There’s even a feature where you can time it to make coffee for you when you wake up in the morning!  I haven’t quite figured out how to do that yet…I suppose it’s like programming a VCR…who ever took the time to do that?


I bought a bag of Starbucks Tribute the other day…honestly…I was a bit skeptical.  I don’t LOVE some of their coffees…although I enjoy their espresso.  They did a great job with this new blend.

It tastes better than Stumptown (a local place here in NYC)…I’m not knocking Stumptown…I like what they’re going for, and the outfits their barista’s wear, etc, some of their unusual pastries…but more often than not they’ve been a bit snobbish.  I mean…you guys are doing great, but knock it off with the attitude..unless that’s part of your marketing, then whatever.

Whenever I have “Hair-Bender”, I seriously feel like I’m high on something though…so it’s def got a lot of oomph.  Maybe I don’t love Stumptown because it reminds me of a pretentious ex from Brooklyn…

All in all…purchasing a coffeemaker has probably saved me some cash, and kind of like a dork because I haven’t ever been this excited about buying an appliance before…Good God…what’s become of me?



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