Using Television as a Cure for Insomnia…

Yes I have trouble sleeping…I am an avid user of Dream Water, as I’ve mentioned a bajillion times before on this blog.  But sometimes you just need that extra “lullaby” to send you off into slumber.

I adore Netflix streaming…because I can simply put my laptop next to my bed and zone out and fall sound asleep to the following shows within the first 20 minutes.  Check out these programs if you need to get some sleep.

Degrassi the Next Generation:

You can watch every episode there ever was on TeenNick.  It runs about 20 minutes, and usually something dramatic happens, like someone gets preggo or has a drug problem…and by the end of the episode it’s all magically resolved…or I’m assuming it is, because for some reason I cannot keep my eyes open for the end…but everything seems to be okay the next week at Degrassi.

National Geographic’s: Lockdown Season 1/2

This series is very interesting, however if you watch it when you’re in bed…the narrator’s voice is so soothing yet intimidating-because he’s talking about hardcore prison stuff…yet it puts me sound to sleep…of course I have some weird prison dreams…but nothing bad ever happens in them.

National Geographics: Solitary Confinement:

I’ve tried watching this program THREE times…and within the first SEVEN minutes…BAM…I’m out like a light.  I really need to watch this during the day (even though I tried that the other afternoon and fell asleep)  I’m sure it’s very interesting, if I could just stay awake for it.  Again, the narrator has a soothing, sexy, intimidating voice.

Mall Cops: The Television Series

This is truly amazing reality television about the security team at The Mall of America.  Sarah Palin even makes an appearance in one of the episodes.  I have NEVER fallen asleep during this bizarre yet intriguing program…I’m just sad I cannot seem to find a season two…oh bummers.


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