They are called City Flats, but the people who work at the GAP openly call them..SH*TTY Flats…

I wasn’t even about ready to buy a pair of these “portable” shoes from the GAP.

“City Flats”….

“Oh you mean “Sh*tty Flats.” said the salesgirl at The Gap one day when I was looking at them…

Lately I haven’t liked very much of what GAP has had to offer…honestly…some of their stuff looked like they hauled out some leftovers from the mid-ninties that had been sitting around in their storage warehouse..but when they marked these babies down 40%, you know me, a bargain whore, scooped up a pair.


A girl in NYC can ALWAYS use ANOTHER pair of black flats, especially ones that look semi-decent and that you can roll into your bag and swap them out for heels if you feel like it.

I’m not a huge high heel girl.  I only wear them to my “office”.  I’m more of a sneakers and boot kind of person.  The most important thing to me is that I be able to walk around EVERYWHERE in the city if I want to without getting sore feet.  It’s not uncommon for me to walk from Chinatown to the Upper West Side when it’s nice out.  It’s a perk of not having to have a car.

I gave the City Flats a test drive today when I ran my errands-did A LOT of walking…and I give them two thumbs up.

My feet didn’t hurt.  They were COMFY.  And they did not LOOK like shoes that you’d roll out of a little bag.  See the pic below (no it’s not me…but she has on the same pair)

I hope these are still on sale…because I’m going back to the GAP and buying a pair in silver for when I start making my rounds to the award shows next year.

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