Live Long and Prosper…this is NOT a blog about Star Trek…How to Magically Guide Money into your Life…

I’ve always tried to NOT stress about money…although it’s inevitable to not worry about it from time to time.

On an episode of HBO’s Cathouse, the women would talk about throwing spare change throughout the brothel for good luck…it’s actually an ancient Chinese good luck thing, that I’ve done unintetionally most of my life since my room/apartment can be in various states of dis/organization.

(I don’t really understand this pic…but I thought the kitten in it was cute)

It’s also not good luck to “throw money away”…like if you’re cleaning out your purse, briefcase, man purse, satchel, backpack…whatever it is that you carry, make sure the spare change doesn’t end up in the trash..and if you’re giving the bag away, it’s good karma to leave a little in the bag for the next owner.

When I do find spare change I throw it into a big jar, wait until it fills up to the top, then I take it to the bank and “cash in”…last time I got well over a hundred dollars.

Also, I always try and overtip waiters, waitresses, massage therapists, bathroom attendants, and cab drivers (only if they’re nice) even that extra dollar or two can really make someone’s day.

Anyhoo…that’s my blog for today.

On a side note, A lot of people have been googling Yasmine Bleeth lately and for some reason they have been directed to this website.  I hope Yasmine Bleeth is doing well!

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