Fluffy Friday Beauty Blog…FREE PRIZE! Beauty Secrets…Etc…

Trying to look good can be a bitch, and a pain in the ass (literally).  The older you get, the harder you have to work at it.  You have to sacrifice certain things to get results.

I used to be a HUGE drinker.  Eliminating alcohol from one’s diet can be the number one key to adding years onto your life, and making you look younger.

Now I chug 2-4 GALLONS of water a day, because of this I wear little to no makeup at all…and I swear by this uber fancy product, that I know I’ve mentioned before:  The Clairsonic Brush (it’s pricey, but I got the Mia, which does the job well.  I recommend getting it on Amazon.com for a “deal”.

Mine is purple just like this one!  Fun fun!


I’ve also almost entirely eliminated Sugar Free Red Bull from my diet…I did have one the other day, and it was heavenly…I am still interested in being your spokesmodel Red Bull…hit me up, I could never quit you completely…I’m waiting.


I suppose moderation in everything is key to success and not driving one’s self crazy.


I’ve changed up my usual workout program of gyrotonic:

Which I ADORE….but I decided to try Leandro Carvahlo’s Brazillian Butt Lift, and it is getting my ass in gear.  I’ve lost about 7 inches in 14 days.  I’ll post pics of my results when I’m completely done with the program…but it’s AMAZING, and challenging, but so worth the results.


After that, I’ll hop in the shower, then splash on some Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau so Fresh.


I’ve also added Shakeology to my diet as well…

Look at all of those great benefits, AND it tastes GREAT!

Other than that, I go get my ever so often botox shots

AND my weekly lash extensions from:


Then to knock myself out to get some beauty sleep, I take a shot of Dream Water…it’ll knock you on your ass faster than any benzo or Ambien will…and it won’t make you sleep walk or drive in your sleep.

Go to their website for a FREE sample!  YAY! Free stuff!

So there you have it…a fluffy Friday blog filled with product placement…if you have anything you’d like me to promote here…send me a msg and I’ll see if we can make it happen!

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