Light Therapy…How to Boost Your Mood during the wintertime..Phillips Blue Light review…

I bought this magical product at Costco around Christmas time.  Size wise, it’s span of my hand with my fingers spread out, and weighs less than a pound.

It has an alarm clock built right in-the point of this device is to be awoken (I’m not sure if I’m using that word properly, but whatever) by “sunny blue skies” on a cloudy dull winter day..which are a plenty in New York City.  It comes with a fab pleather-esque carrying pouch thingy, and you simply plug it into the wall to recharge.

I’m NOT an expert on light therapy, but to get more information on this product go HERE.

I did try the Verilux Happy Light-I returned it and bought the Phillips Light and threw in the extra money that it cost.  The Verilux isn’t as portable and the instructions said to stare DIRECTLY into the light.  I tried it for about 5 minutes and got bored.

With the Phillips Light, you can simply have it turned on in your room and the blue rays magically affect you no matter where you’re sitting.  I usually use it as an alarm clock and it stays on for a good 30 minutes (there’s a timer on it) until I finally arise from bed.

Anyhoo…I have officially changed my twitter name…follow me please!


Keep reading!  I’m going to be doing GIVEAWAYS soon!  That’s right…you can start to WIN prizes for reading this blog!  Yay!

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