Sally Hansen Salon Effects, Nail Polish Strips Review…the BEST thing since sliced bread…(well there’s of course a catch…read on…)

I’ve been wanting to get Minx nails for a little while…I know, I know, I sound like I’m in high school, but I wanted just one-like maybe a leopard print one on my thumb or something.  So I stumbled upon this super duper FABULOUS wanna be product at the drugstore:

I stocked up on these puppies!  They come in an array of colors, I wish they came in black…but alas I don’t believe they do…check it HERE.

It takes me less than 7 minutes to apply these.  No muss, no fuss…it’s a bit difficult to remove with nail polish remover but really not THAT bad, and you can always easily just peel it off if you’re bored while waiting in line somewhere..(that’s what I end up doing).

These things are really really awesome!

HOWEVER…and there is a however…they do have an expiration date, it’s not marked on the box, but once you open a pack, pending on when they were manufactured-they could be defaulted and won’t stick to your nails, that happened to me only once.  Then if you expose them to heat (which my dumb ass did by leaving them close to my space heater) they were no longer applicable to my nails…boo hoo 😦  I was excited to reapply a color that I had bought less than a week ago (you get a number of sizes in each pack and if you use carefully-one strip can be used for two nails)…but alas once I took them out of the carefully air tight sealed pack, they weren’t good anymore.  Oh poo. 😦

Overall I think this is an awesome product and great if you’re in a hurry to do your nails while in transit, or if you want to get a box with a fun fab design inside and sparingly put them on different nails, and maybe share with your friends.  These babies cost anywhere between $9-$12, pending on where you buy them.  Personally, I think I’ll just stick with buying bottles of polish after realizing that a whole box isn’t good for more than one application because of them drying up, but all in all…this is a pretty damn good product and alternative to Minx if you’re trying to save money and you’re into “do-it-yourself” beauty fixes.

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