American Idol Voting…I’m Doing it DIFFERENT This Season!

I’m going to be voting for contestants this year on American Idol on a completely different level, and for different reasons than I ever have before.

I’ve actually only voted a few times, but this year…I want to help these young talented kids succeed, and maybe the not so talented kids.

For the boys, I’m going to vote for the one’s that I think would be most likely to have asked me out in high school-which would probably have been the dude with the beard, and the kid who reminds me of the lead singer from “Simply Red”.  I’ll probably vote for the kid who’s from Omaha, just because he’s from my hometown.

Other than that, I am going to vote for the ones that honestly try something “creative”…for example…the girl who sang Fiona Apple’s “Criminal”…she actually tried something different and made it her own…it was..meh, and I didn’t love her outfit…but she really gave it her all..her and the 15 year old Asian, and the blonde who wore the t-shirt with the heart on.  I didn’t like the shirt, but she did a good job.

I’d also like to know who does Ryan Seacrest’s botox, or J-Lo’s for that matter…you guys look immobile in HDTV…I want that!  Good work.

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