An Open Letter To Lifetime Fitness Gym in Omaha, Nebraska…

PLEASE leave me alone.  I no longer live in Omaha, Nebraska.  Yes it was my bad in requesting a complimentary guest pass back in DECEMBER-because I was VISITING for a few days.  I thought I made it very clear in the THREE emails I responded to that I do not live in Omaha, and it’s a VERY far commute for me to workout at your gym.

Tammi was especially nice and told me that I’d be taken off your calling list a month ago…but Chad….Chad…why do you keep calling me?  I’ve never met you, but I feel like you’re a guy who can’t get the hint that I’m not interested (in joining your gym)…not to mention, you’ve called me three times and I have not returned your calls.  I think you need to get the hint.  Are you like this when you’re trying to date someone?  I certainly hope not, although, being that I’m in sales myself I think you take the “go-getter” thing to the next level.

I’m not into joining a gym that’s not even in the same state that I live in.  I’m sorry…but I hope you understand.  Please stop calling me…I feel as if it’s been a “Lifetime” of phone calls.

I wish there was a Lifetime Fitness in looks pretty spectacular.

The only way I could possibly get to one from NYC would be to take the PATH train, or a ferry to get there, and I’m sorry but taking a boat to the gym just seems like A LOT of effort.

Other than that…this gym looks great…just be careful when you call to get a guest pass…they’ve called me more than my own family has called me.



Season Five of Mad Men DELAYED until 2012!? WHAT?!

Seeing this the first thing in the morning after a grueling workout at the gym, was NOT the way I wanted to start my day.

This was in The New York Times…so I know it’s no joke.

Why can’t everyone just get along?  I mean the world is supposedly ending on May 21 according to some sources…I just wanted to see what the outcome of Don Draper’s odd relationship with his new secretary was before then.

To the writers of Mad Men and the AMC people…for the love of God and your fans, kiss and make up already!

Florida and it’s Rich Interesting History…Who Knew?!

My sister Tipper has just started this really cool blog about Florida.

She spent some time down there and made an effort to take the time to learn about it in depth, and now she’s sharing her funtastic experiences on her blog.

If you enjoy my writing style, you’ll probably like hers…although obviously the content is A LOT different than what you’ll find on my page…as you’ve noticed-this blog is now about plugging stuff and product reviews until my NEW blog launches soon.

So please go check out my sister’s blog…you’ll be glad you did, and you’ll learn something new about Florida that you never knew before.

Hoppy Easter! Mmm…Easter Candy LOW CALORIE candy treat!

Easter is one of the BEST holidays out there for candy….ahhh so much variety!  Or maybe it’s the cute girly packaging that I heart so much that makes me smile on a chilly spring day!


Recently I’ve been on a hardcore “lifestyle change” workout program/diet regime…so I haven’t been candy or sugar or Red Bull binging like I used to.  Today I did reward myself to a teeny tiny Easter treat.  Chocolate Dipped Marshmellow PEEPS! MMM!

These are AMAZING…and 3 have less than 180 calories which is even more amazing.

You know what else is REALLY fun to do with Peeps?  Put them in the microwave and watch them explode.

For more fun Peep products go to their website like I did


Don’t say I didn’t warn you….

Mmm…COFFEE! I love Coffee! Starbucks Tribute…

I love coffee!  I love caffeine!  What I really love is my new Cuisineart Coffee Machine that grinds up the beans and brews anywhere between 2-12 cups…because one cup of anything is NEVER enough!

Get it on for a good deal.  There’s even a feature where you can time it to make coffee for you when you wake up in the morning!  I haven’t quite figured out how to do that yet…I suppose it’s like programming a VCR…who ever took the time to do that?


I bought a bag of Starbucks Tribute the other day…honestly…I was a bit skeptical.  I don’t LOVE some of their coffees…although I enjoy their espresso.  They did a great job with this new blend.

It tastes better than Stumptown (a local place here in NYC)…I’m not knocking Stumptown…I like what they’re going for, and the outfits their barista’s wear, etc, some of their unusual pastries…but more often than not they’ve been a bit snobbish.  I mean…you guys are doing great, but knock it off with the attitude..unless that’s part of your marketing, then whatever.

Whenever I have “Hair-Bender”, I seriously feel like I’m high on something though…so it’s def got a lot of oomph.  Maybe I don’t love Stumptown because it reminds me of a pretentious ex from Brooklyn…

All in all…purchasing a coffeemaker has probably saved me some cash, and kind of like a dork because I haven’t ever been this excited about buying an appliance before…Good God…what’s become of me?



Elizabeth Taylor…Rest in Peace…

How many of these classic Hollywood stars are still around these days?  Not many…and sadly Elizabeth Taylor passing away is really ending an era of that classic Hollywood glamour.  The first Liz Taylor flick I saw was “National Velvet”…I think she was only 12 years old when she starred in this…good God!

Although I wasn’t fond of her fragrance lines, I certainly admired her branching out with that marketing.

Elizabeth Taylor wasn’t perfect…but certainly a classic beauty, Hollywood star who had an interesting life and great career.

Using Television as a Cure for Insomnia…

Yes I have trouble sleeping…I am an avid user of Dream Water, as I’ve mentioned a bajillion times before on this blog.  But sometimes you just need that extra “lullaby” to send you off into slumber.

I adore Netflix streaming…because I can simply put my laptop next to my bed and zone out and fall sound asleep to the following shows within the first 20 minutes.  Check out these programs if you need to get some sleep.

Degrassi the Next Generation:

You can watch every episode there ever was on TeenNick.  It runs about 20 minutes, and usually something dramatic happens, like someone gets preggo or has a drug problem…and by the end of the episode it’s all magically resolved…or I’m assuming it is, because for some reason I cannot keep my eyes open for the end…but everything seems to be okay the next week at Degrassi.

National Geographic’s: Lockdown Season 1/2

This series is very interesting, however if you watch it when you’re in bed…the narrator’s voice is so soothing yet intimidating-because he’s talking about hardcore prison stuff…yet it puts me sound to sleep…of course I have some weird prison dreams…but nothing bad ever happens in them.

National Geographics: Solitary Confinement:

I’ve tried watching this program THREE times…and within the first SEVEN minutes…BAM…I’m out like a light.  I really need to watch this during the day (even though I tried that the other afternoon and fell asleep)  I’m sure it’s very interesting, if I could just stay awake for it.  Again, the narrator has a soothing, sexy, intimidating voice.

Mall Cops: The Television Series

This is truly amazing reality television about the security team at The Mall of America.  Sarah Palin even makes an appearance in one of the episodes.  I have NEVER fallen asleep during this bizarre yet intriguing program…I’m just sad I cannot seem to find a season two…oh bummers.


They are called City Flats, but the people who work at the GAP openly call them..SH*TTY Flats…

I wasn’t even about ready to buy a pair of these “portable” shoes from the GAP.

“City Flats”….

“Oh you mean “Sh*tty Flats.” said the salesgirl at The Gap one day when I was looking at them…

Lately I haven’t liked very much of what GAP has had to offer…honestly…some of their stuff looked like they hauled out some leftovers from the mid-ninties that had been sitting around in their storage warehouse..but when they marked these babies down 40%, you know me, a bargain whore, scooped up a pair.


A girl in NYC can ALWAYS use ANOTHER pair of black flats, especially ones that look semi-decent and that you can roll into your bag and swap them out for heels if you feel like it.

I’m not a huge high heel girl.  I only wear them to my “office”.  I’m more of a sneakers and boot kind of person.  The most important thing to me is that I be able to walk around EVERYWHERE in the city if I want to without getting sore feet.  It’s not uncommon for me to walk from Chinatown to the Upper West Side when it’s nice out.  It’s a perk of not having to have a car.

I gave the City Flats a test drive today when I ran my errands-did A LOT of walking…and I give them two thumbs up.

My feet didn’t hurt.  They were COMFY.  And they did not LOOK like shoes that you’d roll out of a little bag.  See the pic below (no it’s not me…but she has on the same pair)

I hope these are still on sale…because I’m going back to the GAP and buying a pair in silver for when I start making my rounds to the award shows next year.

Back in Business!

Okay…this is a blog to let everyone know that my blog was shut down for about a day because I violated some kind of WordPress rule-which I’m really surprised that I hadn’t done that before considering some of things I’ve posted in the past.

I’m just posting this to say, THANK YOU Anthony over at WordPress for getting back to me and re-activating my account.  You guys are really great to blog with.

As for my blog giveaway…I didn’t get much of a response…I don’t know if this was because my blog was down and no one saw it, or no one wanted to win the prize.  Thanks for reading!  More later!

Opi Black Shatter! Totally Awesome Nail Polish!

First of all, Happy Saint Patrick’s Day.  Drink in moderation, and remember that green beer stains the insides of your colon.  Today I “splurged” and went to Ricky’s NYC and bought the totally awesome…

It was a little pricey at $14.00…but totally worth it, considering I’m a do-it-yourself, kinda girl.  This bottle should last me awhile, and I just applied it-over COMPLETELY dry nail polish, and look what happens!

AWESOME! (no these aren’t my nails…I stole this pic, but the results are as seen above)

The only IMPORTANT thing to keep in mind about this fab new nail product is that you MUST wear a top coat for the maximum effect, and it prevents the “shatter” stuff from coming off.

Check back tomorrow!  It’s Freebie Friday…and I’ll be giving away a free PRIZE!  YAY!